Calm Water,

Turbulent water,

Everlasting  dysphonia.

While the darkness surrounding us,

In seeking for a thing we are roaming perpetually…

Solitary in the presence of a nature absorbing us.

Oil on canvas. 25"* 30".

Thirties. Acrylic on canvas. 33″*40″. 2014

tollerate all bitter impacts till all water goes down

Tolerate all bitter impact till all water goes down.Acrylic on canvas. 33″*40″.2014


Persistence. Acrylic on canvas. 33″*56″. 2014


First child. Acrylic on canvas. 33″*40″. 2014

wind doesnt work with papers

wind doesn’t work with papers. Acrylic on canvas. 33″*52″. 2014

constant skirmishes

Constant skirmishes. acrylic on canvas. 33”*65″. 2014